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Kawacom Uganda Limited

Kawacom Uganda Limited

Full Description

Kawacom Uganda Limited.

Kawacom is recognised as the guarantor of high quality Robusta and Arabica coffee production within Uganda. Over the years the company has positioned itself as the market leader in innovation, having spearheaded the development of the first organic coffee projects in the country.

Founded in early 1996, Kawacom focused mainly on the export of natural Uganda Robustas, but with the successful implementation of processing and export procedures, Kawacom moved forward into both the washed and unwashed Arabicas.

In 1998 we launched an official programme of organic certification, bringing Uganda to the forefront of the coffee industry as the leading producer of organic coffee in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kawacom was the first producer to export organic coffee and continues to work with farmers and their communities to ensure quality and sustainable agriculture.

The company has grown significantly since 1996, from a small company in rented premises to a market leader with our own processing units and buying stations throughout the country. We continue to focus on quality and innovation, bringing the best of Uganda’s coffee to you.

Kawacom Uganda Limited
Plot M284 Ntinda Industrial Estate,
P.O. Box 22623,
Phone: +256 (0)414 222 611, +256 (0)414 222 619, +256 (0)312 260 201,
Fax: +256 (0)414 505 632, +256 (0)414 222 612
Email: [email protected]

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