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Microcare Uganda

Microcare Uganda

Full Description

Microcare Uganda, Limited, Kololo, Kampala, Uganda.
Microcare is a Uganda based not for profit organization committed to the provision of affordable quality healthcare to the economically active poor. The Microcare team pioneered the development of group health schemes for MFI clients in Uganda. We operate a multiple service provider system in Kampala serving the clients of 5 large MFIs. Microcare acts as a neutral intermediary, and is not affiliated to one particular hospital or MFI, in order to best serve the interests of our clients. This enables us to pool clients from numerous MFIs in order to achieve the economy of scale necessary for long term sustainability. Microcare is committed to the provision of affordable health services beyond Kampala. To this end we are launching schemes in a number of rural locations in Uganda. We are also happy to provide consultative and technical services to other organizations with a similar vision.


Microcare Insurance Limited,
Plot 23 Prince Charles Drive,
Kololo, Kampala, Uganda,
+256 (0)414 235 120/123,
+256 (0)312 264 450,
+256 (0)414 234 920
+256 (0)414 236 465
Email: [email protected]

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